Modern Romantic

Andy Mac

Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Andy spent the last five years at Ohio State University exploring the high charged, libido driven atmosphere of a major college campus. Now, with a $30,000 dollar English degree and much of what he learned marred by hallucinogens, he’s trying to justify his poor life choices by pursuing a career in creative writing. Andy is a deep thinker with a keen understanding of the human condition, and if it weren’t for a deep capacity for empathy, his personality would border on sociopathic. He follows his heart without question, and will join the Army before subjecting himself to a life confined behind a desk.

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  • Anne

    I’m sorry…..was there a blog post here? I can only see a photo….some letter below but my eyes can’t see letters night now.

  • Eric W

    Consider yourself lucky mane. People who get to experience those extremes of their soul are far more in touch with themselves than people who live life in the middle.

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